Magic Exists all around, if you have the will to see it. 

Across the ocean from the more familiar Wizard Boarding Schools exists a different form of training for young magical students. Here, students are "homeschooled" in the ways of magic while attending traditional schools with magic and non magic students alike. Students complete the traditional forms of education along with their magical education to foster cooperation.


Regular community and regional gatherings of Magic families feature tournaments, holiday celebrations, skill building challenges and socializing on the official testing days. In this way, students can learn at their own pace and complete proficiency tests at these gatherings to pass on to their next level of training.

In our gatherings we strive to create a welcoming and accepting environment for both those of magic, and those who fear that which science or logic can not explain. We welcome Muggles and Wizards to celebrate together. For we believe that if magic is accessible and celebrated, harmony will thrive.


Understanding & Compassion

Leadership & Desire to learn and grow

Ambition & Perserverence

We are currently seeking volunteers, entertainers, and vendors.

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Students of all ages are welcome at Wizard Academy. Whether you are beginning your journey, or discovering it today.

Helpfulness, Trustworthiness & persistance


Magic has existed before time, for, all things are magic until science proves otherwise. At the foundation of all things are the four natural elements:  Water, Earth, Air, Fire. 

These elements lie at the heart of all cultures, and all magical languages. Although every region, school, and country has their own names and qualities, all wizard houses are rooted in these elements. Each region also places value in specific traits associated with these elements.  In this region, the houses and highest values are: 

Our Roots


This project is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.



Pardon our sparks...we're making magic here while preparing an expanded experience. Feel free to look around, but don't forget to come back soon to experience the full magic!

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