Our Story

Every child dreams of meeting their hero, let us celebrate with them! 

My Dream Parties is a fundraising partnership for Dare to Dream Theatre. Staffed by theatre professionals and company members, funds support classes, workshops, Theatre Team Traveling performance opportunities, and provide opportunities for company members to advance their skills as performers. 

The values important to Dare to Dream Theatre are important to My Dream Parties as well. We beleive strongly in the magic of imagination and the power of dreams. All our events and activities incorporate positive characters traits and opportunities to explore positive character trait or theme through our unique Story Quests.


A Princess represents all things beautiful, honorable, sweet, and magical in the world around us. 

Invite a Princess to celebrate with you at your next event!

Princesses will bring story, craft, song, dance, and joy to the eyes of young guests.


Heroes represent all thing adventurous, Noble, Brave, Strong and True

Invite a Hero to your next adventure! 

Heros bring quests, challenges, training and adventure to the party. 


Villans represent the forgotten stories of those around us. They remind us to take the time to look at all sides of the story. 

For every villan is the Hero of their story, and every Hero is the villan in someone else's story.